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uWAMIT brings together multidisciplinary UW faculty to focus current university research assets to:
  • Translate research results into commercial healthcare solutions
  • Design and synthesize novel molecular probes
  • Develop and validate imaging systems and protocols for molecular imaging
  • Initiate collaboration among chemists, biologists, physicists, engineers, and physicians
  • Develop ultrasound-assisted molecular therapies

Current uWAMITresearch is focused on three projects that integrate ultrasound with biomolecular tools.  These projects leverage our existing strenghts in ultrasound and molecular imaging, have a high potential for growth, form a strategic alliance between molecular ultrasound programs at the UW, and have clear potential paths to commercialization.

Photoacoustic Molecular Imaging               Gene Therapy                                       Drug Delivery 
(Early stage cancer detection and therapy)      (Treatment of genetic diseases)             (Targeted drug delivery for cancer treatment)