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Molecular imaging and therapy center to develop, commercialize technologies
28. October 2010
Ultrasound, best known by many people for snapping pictures of babies before they are born, could soon be a way to spot cancerous cells before a tumor develops, precisely monitor how a person responds to treatment, or deliver genetic therapies to their targets.....
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LSDF announces $15M in program grant to enhance diagnosis and treatment of cancer

8. April 2010 05:40

The Life Sciences Discovery Fund (LSDF) today announced nearly $15 million in program grant awards to support collaborative research initiatives spearheaded by three Washington state life sciences organizations....
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University of Washington signs molecular imaging deal with Cardinal Health
June 4, 2010
Cardinal Health, University of Washington Create Innovative Partnership to Advance Use of Molecular Imaging in Clinical Trials. Read the Full Story...

There may be bubbles ahead..

The use of microbubbles in therapeutic ultrasound is set to change. Dr Tom Matula, based at the University of Washington, explains how his research is providing new applications for this technology....
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Multifunctional nanoparticle enables new type of biological imaging
July 27, 2010
Spotting a single cancerous cell that has broken free from a tumor and is traveling through the bloodstream to colonize a new organ might seem like finding a needle in a haystack. But a new imaging technique from the University of Washington is a first step toward making this possible...
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Welcome to uWAMIT.  The University of Washington's Center for Molecular Imaging and Therapy.

The (u)ltrasound-based (W)ashington (M)olecular (I)maging and (T)herapy center, or uWAMIT, focuses on the discovery, development, translation, and commercialization of molecular imaging and therapy technologies. 

At uWAMIT we believe molecular imaging and therapy will shape the future of medicine enabling personalized diagnosis and treatment of diseases.   Because molecules themselves are too small to be imaged directly, specific site-targeted probes are employed as beacons to identify areas of interest.  These site-targeted  probes enhance a selected region that otherwise would be impossible to distinguish from surrounding tissue.  Attaching specific pharmaceutical agents to these site-targeted probes enables localized delivery of treatments to the diseased site in the body.

uWAMIT's development of molecular imaging and therapy is focused on:
  • Use of Ultrasound in Molecular Imaging and Therapy: Ultrasound's availability, low cost, and real-time operation enables molecular diagnosis to transform the way medicine is conducted around the world.
  • Early Stage Cancer Detection: Use of cancer specific molecular probes that attach to cancerous regions in the body enabling early stage screening and diagnosis of Prostate, Ovarian, Colon and many other cancers.  
  • Targeted Drug Delivery for Cancer Treatment: Use of specific molecular probes attached to pharmaceutical agents such as chemotherapeutics to deliver targeted treatment only to the effected cancerous region.
  • Targeted Gene Therapy: Use of ultrasound mediated gene transfer for the treatment of genetic diseases such as hemophilia, diabetes, muscular dystrophy, and cystic fibrosis. 
  • Development and Manufacturing of Site-Targeted Molecular Probes: uWAMIT develops manufacturing processes to efficiently produce and characterize contrast agents, nanoparticles, and various other molecular bio-markers.

Please visit our Research page to learn more about our current research projects.